Scaffolding in Education is important thing in Early Childhood development


Scaffolding in education is important thing in Early Childhood  development, both cognitive, psychomotor and affective. Scaffolding is the recommended methods for early childhood education teachers for using it in the process of learning in early childhood education. Scaffolding is the provision of assistance to students, assistance in the form of guidance, encouragement, warning and an example. In this method you need to reduce the scaffolding should help because as teachers should also give apportunity to take over greater responsibility after the can.

scaffolding in education
Scaffolding in education for early childhood was done so that learners are able to solve problems that are given independently. The success of scaffolding in early childhood education is determined by means of adequate infrastructure. Infrastructure such as props, musical instruments, books, stationery and others. Due to the presence of a learning tool means children can easily capture the material that has been submitted by the teacher.

scaffolding in education
Scaffolding in education in early childhood should be done with patience for a teacher. Because at that age children are usually very hard to setting behavior. So in brain development early childhood teachers should help with scaffolding method. Premises purpose, in early childhood can develop their talents according to his ability. Because children around the age of 1 to 5 years is very easy to incorporate the material into the brain of the child. This method is very suitable once applied to the child’s age. In any learning that takes place should you as a professional teacher should instill in children is honesty. example taught the value of honesty in children through stories. Besides that you can also embed the value of honesty through words like god loves children is honest, she does not like lying brother and others. Furthermore Instill to children about modesty and gratitude, such as buying goods in accordance with the needs and avoiding expenditure items that are not essential and avoiding consumptive lifestyle. Moreover invite children to easily grateful, how many sustenance we receive, order it to our children to never complain in facing something that is not preferred. Then avoid unnecessary danger to the child, because it was so huge negative impact on children. Sometimes you are angry with your child, sometimes you have to soft on your child or student. Teachers and parents need wisdom every child resolve the error, because a wrong decide will make bad result. Hopefully the information I give is useful to the reader.